Research Cell

Research Cell

Research Committee

The Research cell of the college comprises of the following members who monitor and guide the Research activities of the college.

Committee Members of Research Cell
Dr. Mrs. Sandhya M. Khedekar Principal, President, Research Cell
Dr. Balu S. Murade In charge, Research Cell
Mr. Amol S. Chawande Asst. In charge, Research Cell
Mr. Satish B Ghadge Member
Dr. Sulbha U. Patil Member
Mr. Arjun D. Pithe Member
Mr. Sunil Y. Desale Member


  • Research platform is provided to staff members by giving assistance to take minor and major research proposals.
  • Provide guidance for organizing conferences, seminars and workshops at National level to keep the updates in research area.
  • Organizations of Study and Educational tours, Guest Lectures etc are conducted to promote research activity in the institute.
  • Motivation to the staff for presenting their research work in the conference, seminars and also to publish their research work in the research journals/proceedings.

Details on Research Publication

International National State
Research Papers and Articles (2017-18) 4 19 22

Workshop Attended by our Teachers :

International National State
2017 – 2018 4 25 34

Dr. Balu S. Murade

  • State Level Innovative Teacher Award for the year 2016-17 from IRC Nashik.
  • Felicitation on the occasion of 99th Foundation Celebration Day of Gokhale Education Society, Nashik
  • Award of Excellence from G.E. Society’s College of Education, Sangamner.

Book Publication

  • Book published on “Information Communication Technology Awareness and Academic Performance” by Dr. Sandhya M. Khedekar with ISBN-13: 978-3-659-82908-6 Publisher Lambert Publishing House, Germany
  • Published paper in Rabindranath Tagore : ‘YatharthDarshan’ ISBN 978-81-89730-20-8 on the topic Rabindranath Tagore’s Views on Education in March, 2012 by Dr. Sandhya M. Khedekar.
  • Book published on “Shaikshanik Mulyamapanva Sankhyashastra” by Mr. Sunil Y. Desale with ISBN 978-93-81354-03-2
  • Book published on “Pragat Adhyapanshastra” by Mr. Sunil Y. Desale with ISBN 978-81-928139-9-8
  • Book published on “Educational Research” by Dr. Sandhya M Khedekar with ISBN 978-93-5279-093-7
  • Book published on “Mathematics Education” by Mr. Sunil Y Desale with ISBN 978-93-86951-06-9